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Dholera Industrial City, which is being built in an area of ​​920 square kilometers, has already received environmental clearance for setting up the industry. It has the best infrastructure and civil facilities in the world and since it is in a special duct under the road, there will be no need to dig roads in the future. All these arrangements are second to none in India, and the city is said to be the manufacturing and trading hub of the world in the future.

A gigantic Dholera (Greenfield Plug and Play) Industrial Smart City is being built in Gujarat, which is progressing rapidly in terms of industrialization, on an area of ​​920 square kilometers. 

Now industries have started coming there. It is estimated that in 30 to 40 years when the industrialization of this entire area of ​​920 square kilometers will start, the population will be at least 2 million and seventy five percent of them will be employed here.

In fact it will not be just an industrial estate like MIDC but a regular city. It will have all aspects like residential colonies, schools, hospitals, bus services etc. along with industries. Only while building this city, all the neighboring facilities will be built for the industries by giving priority to the industries.

Of course, this is a greenfield city, i.e. built from scratch on open land. But it will be a plug and play industrial city, that is, an entrepreneur who builds an industrial building according to his needs will not have to struggle separately for infrastructure and other facilities later. All those facilities are cabled outside the building and just plug in your connection and the industry will start immediately.

No polluting industries are allowed here, defense-aerospace, pharma and biotechnology, solar power generation, vehicle manufacturing and their parts, electronics, agro and food processing, heavy engineering and IT industries can come here. A major advantage for incoming industries is that if they are non-polluting, they are not subject to the hassle of obtaining permits.

Environmental and other collective clearances have already been taken to set up the industry in this entire 920 square kilometer area. (They claim that this is the first time in the country) So companies applying to come here will only have to seek formal approval and get it in as little as three months. This will save one year of environmental clearance.

Nowhere in India is there such a gigantic well-planned industrial city with an area of ​​920 square kilometers. There are such big cities in China, Europe, America, but the disadvantages in their construction and system have been excluded in Dholera, and on the contrary, the best system in the whole world has been done here.


1. In many places in China, enormous residential and industrial facilities were built simultaneously in gigantic industrial cities. But since they are mostly empty, they are called ghost cities.

However, in Dholera, first industries, then residential houses and then other facilities will be built in a phased manner. The idea is that even though industries and houses are in different areas, one has to go for work only one kilometer.

2. Water planning will be done here like in Singapore. 95 percent of the water received will be recycled. A 100 meter wide and 6 km long canal filled with rainwater is ready here for reserve storage in case of need. Rainwater harvesting will also be everywhere.

3. A 50 MLD desalination plant like Dubai will run on solar power.

4. There will be a wastewater treatment plant and an equipped sewage treatment plant of 60 MLD.

5. Gigantic solar power plants generating 4500 megawatts of power are being set up on an area of ​​about five hundred square kilometers that has to be kept free due to CRZ. Its solar panels are arranged to turn towards the sun like a sunflower.

6. Like modern cities in Europe and America, for infrastructure facilities under the footpath and under the road eg. There will be cable, internet, gas, electricity, rainwater pipes, water pipes, sewage pipes. But the roads will not be dug for their repair, there is a duct on the side of the road and the repair will be carried out from there. There is also a system that basically any leakage from any of these channels will be immediately detected in the command and control room due to the underground sensors. A network of CCTVs and screens in the command-control room will monitor the entire city.

7. There are footpaths and cycle tracks on the sides of the wide roads and in the space between the roads, mono-metro pillars can also be erected in future.

8. In an American industrial city, employees have a long commute, with residential areas adjacent to industries, and the idea is that the journey would be only a kilometer away. A garden and community park will be built every 400 to 800 meters in the city.

Four-way transportation

The industries coming here will benefit from the four-way communication system. The expressway here will be connected to the state highway Mumbai-Ahmedabad-Delhi highway, which will be completed in six months. It will cover this distance of 110 km in one hour, currently it takes two hours. Dholera will also be connected to the country by railway.

Fifteen km away in Dholera, an airport with two four-km runways will be ready in two-three years, while Bhavnagar port is being set up 65 km away for water transport. Dholera Industrial City Dev said that Dholera City was built primarily to take advantage of the Delhi Mumbai Freight Corridor system. Ltd. MD Harit Shukla told Sakal.

This city is being built on sandy land, the land has been given by the Gujarat government. Basically, as land acquisition was not done, there was not much opposition from the people. Here eco-friendly lifestyle e.g. Solar energy, bicycles, e-vehicles, charging stations etc. will be encouraged. Planning and implementation in industrial estates takes time.

But with 95 percent implementation here, quality facilities and future are guaranteed. Therefore, the big industries of the country and the world will definitely think of coming here. Shukla also said that Dholera will become the manufacturing and trading hub of the world in future.

Major revenue of Gujarat will come from this city in future, Dholera is tomorrow's Singapore or Dubai, our vision is that Dholera will be a role model for future planned cities in the country - Dilip Brahmabhat, General Manager (Commercial).

52% industrial and 28% residential buildings

  • ready infrastructure
  • Industries do not need permission
  • Close to highways, ports, railways, airports
  • The best civil system in the world
  • Company and house within one km distance
  • So the travel time will be saved
  • No environmental damage, no displacement
  • Even the fertile land is not lost