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Why Dholera City in Gujarat Is Known as Grooming India's Own Singapore?

We are living in a society where technology is and will play a crucial role. Life is more internet savvy then 5 years before. Everything is on our fingertips now.

We have been listening Dholera Smart City stuff for few years now and I have come across few people who seem not interested in this concept or have been telling us it’s too slow and not fit for India. However, I am very much sure that Smart Cities is the need for the US as an INDIAN. The world is developing leap and bound and SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE and SOCIAL LIFE have seen significant changes over the years. We are a bit far Behind however, I am very much confident that we can catch the different developed cities in the world very soon.

The question is what is smart cities will be? I have attached a picture that will give you a better idea. This picture will guide from smart infrastructure to smart governance including Social life.

Now the main question is why Dholera SIR is becoming g prime destination for investment or why people should consider investing in Dholera smart city or why is it grooming as India’s Singapore?.

Dholera Smart City - the best in class Smart Tech City of India creating an unmatched balance between sustainable industry and holistic living. A Global HUB of Manufacturing and Trading, Economic Activity and Center of Excellence Supported by world-class infrastructure, Superb Civic amenities and a pro-active policy framework by the government makes DHOLERA an ideal place for Business and Investment. Few more amazing points about DHOLERA - India's first Industrial smart city.

*Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) is the 1st Smart City of India and 1st of its kind Greenfield Industrial City.

*Spanning approximately 920 sq km, encompassing 22 villages of the Dholera Taluka in the District of Ahmadabad.

*Asia’s Biggest and world 2nd largest international Airport.

*Largest Seaport and BRTS SYSTEM in India.

*Biggest Sweet water Lake - Kalpasar Dam.

*Largest Defense as well as AEROSPACE Hub in India.

*Biggest Metro rail in Dholera.

*Biggest 10 lane expressway.

*Dedicated freight corridor for logistic.

*Single window clearance.

*Dholera will be home to non-polluting industries, promoting a clean, green and sustainable urban development.

*A self-governed economic region enjoying full support of the government and full potential for private sector participation.

These are some of the points which makes Dholera City one of the lookout city of the 21st century. Now let’s talk about ROI for individuals or Investors. A lot of people recommending to invest in Metros such as Mumbai, Bangalore, NCR region, Hyderabad, etc. however current report suggests that the return on these cities has been slowed down due to many reasons such as saturation of demand, high supply of homes, less cash flows, demonetization, etc. This is enabling people to look out the other options where the desired output would be better and this how Dholera and other smart cities come into the picture.

Due to the current growth and development in Dholera, early investors have witnessed the superb ROI on their initial investment. These people are now enhancing their presence the as 1st phase of Dholera smart city will be ready by September 2019 and company will start manufacturing facilities before the end of the year. Once this starts then I am very confident that the prices of LANDS and Residential places would be more than doubled and people who have invested there will get an amazing return on their investment.

The smart city will surely play a crucial role Economically as well as Socially in the upcoming 10 years in India and I am pretty sure it will deliver as per the hype surrounding by it. It will surely match Singapore’s ambition if we have some patience. I have attached Govt body video too which will enable you why Dholera is the next best thing.0:30

Pls message me if you would like to get more info about Dholera or if you would like to invest wisely in Dholera.

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