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What Was the Idea of Dholera Smart City?

That is when Modi Ji imagined a high-tech city like Japan or Singapore. As per PM Shri Narendra Modi – Dholera was supposed to be twice the size of Delhi and six times the size of Shanghai – a world-class city that would put India on the map.

According to his visions for Dholera SIR, there would be Dholera International Airport and everything will be smart – Road Connectivity and Facilities. It will be a city of the future. Everything will be digital in this 900 Sqkm Smart City Dholera.
The business setup would not be a hassle anymore. Smart hotel management, Smart Hospitals, Smart Schools, Etc. These world class facilities will be monitored from ABCD Building, (Administration and Business Centre for Dholera). It will be like omnipresence, and whenever something goes wrong, there will be a help.

Plan For Dholera:-

The Plan of Dholera SIR was readied for a long time in 2007. Terminologies like smart city, green city, self-sustainable city, world class smart city, etc.
Modi ji said, “A new Gujarat will be ready on the coasts of Gujarat.”

The Future Of Dholera:-

Dholera SIR and smart city is one of the pet projects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a part of Delhi – Mumbai Industrial Corridor. Dholera SIR future city is a major project under the DMIC Project with an aim to make it a global manufacturing hub supported by world class infrastructure. The first phase of the Dholera Special Investment Region has been operational soon with several industrial units and a population of around 1 lakh people living in it. It would be the one of the world largest urban development projects worth more than $12 billion when completed.
Total Area of Dholera SIR is 920 km² and total Developable Area of Dholera SIR is 422 km². Dholera SIR Smart City is Developing in Phase wise so 1st Phase will be completed on 2022. 2nd Phase will be completed on 2032 and 3rd phase will be completed on 2042. Hence, after 2022 (Completion of 1st Phase) about 154 square kilometers Area will be Developed which is about equivalent to Gandhinagar and Greater than Chandigarh.


• Biggest Urban Development in World.
• Asia's Biggest International Cargo Airport in Navagam Dholera.
• Biggest ever (422 sq. kms; 42200 Hectares) schemes being prepared 46% DSIRDA area of 920 sq. Kms.
• Target Population 2.0 million.
• Target Employment 0.8 million.
• Gujarat Trade Center (Central Spine) Art Of Design Biggest & Tallest Building in India.
• First time in India 250 meter wide Express Highway Corridor.
• Six Central Business Districts.
• Each & every final plot to get Road Access.
• Road not Less than 12 meter width in Residential and 18 meter width in other zone.
• Eight core Industrial sectors.
• A city with high quality infrastructure community & leisure service.
• Three knowledge & IT Zones.
• More than 1300 km of Road Connectivity Network.
• International Infrastructure.
• Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, first investment.
• Asia's Biggest International Cargo and Passenger Airport.
• Near with Mega Cities, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Bhavnagar
• Close to Petro Chemical & Petroleum Investment Region.
• Self governed global center of economic activities.
• Kalpasar DAM 25 KM 8th Wonder of World (Total 64 KM Long Bridge DAM on Ocean, From Bhavnagar to Hansot Ocean DAM Length 35 KM)
• Full potential for private sector participation.
• Dholera Metro Rail
It is going to be good time to invest in Dholera City as the project will kick off aggressively as per the last development what I have seen and early movers will get good benefits. Dholera Smart City is going to be very good for businesses and investors. Carrying of trade and business there will be a breeze. This is because the rate of land there is at affordable prices which makes setting up of businesses very easy. It is also going to be a very accessible city. THE FUTURE IS DHOLERA.
Future of Dholera SIR is bright so find the investment opportunity at Dholera Smart City. Get free advice from Dholera Greenfield Smart City team to find out the best investment options available and for Guidance.
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