Posted 2022-07-28 by Dholera Greenfield Smart City

Dholera Sir- the Residential Sector Investment in 2022

Many experts and analysts previously predicted the rise in the investment in Dholera SIR real estate. Undoubtedly, it is the biggest catalyst in the growth of Gujarat DMIC. Many industries foresee the expansion of the empire in Dholera. Be it I.T, BPO, biotechnology, steel, pharmacy, or any other sector, Dholera SIR remains their prominent choice for sustaining and rising in the market.

It is also enlisted in the top 100 smart cities in India which makes it a great reason for investment. Smart cities have a lot of infrastructures with luxurious amenities and facilities in their arsenal. The government has planned several schemes for the welfare & growth of Dholera SIR Projects. Multiple funds have been allocated for assuring the lightning-fast pace of growth in Dholera SIR.

Since the commercial sector is on the road to progress, the residential sector is also brewing success for investors. Apart from ready-to-move-in apartments and flats, there are several other residential plots for sale in Dholera, Ahmedabad. Investing in the residential space in Dholera in 2021 will surely be a fruitful decision. Here’s the list of reasons that crutch it.


Affordable Properties & Plots:- Dholera is like Dubai of India under construction. Similarities from the lesser-known region to the highest-grossing investment region, the hub of employment opportunities, futuristic infrastructural development, and whatnot are shared by Dubai and Dholera Smart City. Considering the growth prospects, it is the golden period to buy a residential plot for sale in Dholera, Ahmedabad. According to estate experts, a high RoI is guaranteed to those willing to reside in the city in the near future.

Employment Opportunities:- As a smart city under construction, we’re expecting a lot from Dholera Smart City. Considering the current infrastructural progress chart, some MNCs are expected to commence with their corporate operations from Dholera. With several job opportunities aloof, the place seems like a perfect place to invest and enjoy different benefits.

Connectivity:- Dholera SIR is merely 100 km. from Ahmedabad. With the closer proximity of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, the chances of investment are guaranteed. Moreover, the well-established connectivity by roadways and railways simplifies commuting to & from Dholera. Besides, the Dholera Airport and Sea Port stand as icing on the cake for better transportation of goods.

Dholera Metro Project:- With the Touch of Midas, the dream project of metro addition will amplify the value proposition of Dholera SIR. The metro corridor of Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar is throttling and expected to complete and operate in the forthcoming years. Furthermore, there are proposals for Gujarat International Finance Tech-city (GIFT) on a discussion that will establish connectivity between Dholera and other coastal cities of Gujarat.

Advantage:- As said previously about the rapid urbanization and availability of residential plots in Dholera, Ahmedabad, there are different benefits investors can enjoy. By investing in a residential plot in Dholera, investors get the following advantages:

  • Low investment
  • Total flexibility
  • Zero maintenance
  • Fewer complication
  • Zero risk
  • Low tax rate
  • No competition

Wrapping Up:

By investing in the residential space of Dholera SIR, an investor affirms the future benefits. Since the project is throttling, the chances of growth will upsurge in the forthcoming years. According to real estate mavens, no chances of losses in any form can be seen in investing in Dholera City. Endless job opportunities, modern and luxurious properties, world-class facilities, smooth connectivity, and a lot more are guaranteed to all those that foresee a bright future in Dholera SIR.