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Dholera Smart City – Smart Development and Smart Concept Future of Dholera City

Dholera is a big village located in Dhandhuka Taluka of Ahmedabad District of Gujarat. Dholera population is estimated to be 2776 in 2022. There are about 577 houses in Dholera village. Dholera has located 27 km from sub-district headquarters Dhandhuka and 120 km from district headquarter in Ahmedabad. As per 2019 stats, Dholera village comes under the Dhandhuka assembly and Surendranagar parliamentary constituency. Dholera is located 110 KM towards the South of District headquarters in Ahmedabad. It is 140 km away from the state capital Gandhinagar.

The nearest villages to Dholera are Bhadiyad (4 km), Mundi (6 km), Otaria (7 km), Khun (7 km), Bhangarh (8 km). The nearest cities to Dholera are Khambhat, Limbdi, Bhavnagar. Dholera SIR will be one of the biggest smart cities in India.

Welcome to Dholera Smart City:-

Dholera city is the dream project of Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is one of the best schemes launched in the Indian nation. Dholera will be awarded as the Platinum City at the world-class level. The city of Dholera will often turn out to be an outstanding city compared to Singapore. Dholera is being developed as a Special Investment Region (SIR) under a PPP model. Dholera is being made completely Aatm-Nirbhar (self-sustain). All the needs of Dholera's consumption, electricity, water etc. will be projected in Dholera.

But more cities will also be supplied if needed. The city of Dholera is being built twice that of Delhi. The land of 22 villages around Dholera is being acquired and developed in 920 square kilometers. Most importantly, the Dholera project is expected to cover a much larger area by 2030, with about 70000 people living in dholera in near future. And approx. two million people living in the city by 2042. Dholera City has job and business opportunities of millions of people.

India's first cargo and passenger airport is being built in Dholera city in an area of ​​1426 hectares. The first part of which will be completed in the next 24 months. Approximately landing will be started till 2023 in the first phase of Airport. And the nearest villages to the airport are Ambli, Valinda, Pipli and Kamiyala villages. The proposed metro station will be brought near Kamiyala village. Rather, Air connectivity, Rail connectivity, Metro connectivity and Highway connectivity in Dholera will be provided by the government.

Why Dholera?

Dholera Smart City is one of the most ambitious infrastructure development projects in Gujarat, India. The Dholera project aims to urbanize the city with hi-tech modern facilities. The city of Dholera will be the epitome of a luxurious lifestyle and world-class infrastructure to make the life of the people easier.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi's dream of Dholera smart city is the future of India, Dholera is a well-connected smart city representing the future of India. Dholera Smart City has received IGBC's highest 'Platinum' award, becoming the second Platinum city after Washington to be fully Aatm-Nirbhar.

Before starting the work on the land, the government made a master plan and why did it take more than a decade to see something on the ground? Dholera SIR is a highly planned city that has been contracted to various MNCs for making blueprints.

The master planning of Dholera SIR is being carried out by British infrastructure major Halcrow, which has scaled projects from the planning stage to designing and management in over 70 countries. American multinational engineering company AECOM is designing the Dholera SIR and AECOM is solely responsible for implementing the trunk infrastructure including roads, rail, drainage, water supply, water treatment etc. The state government has hired Wipro as an ICT consultant and hired companies such as IBM and Cisco to implement the technology used in building smart cities.

Dholera SIR is huge, it is one of the biggest smart and sustainable cities to be developed in India. The government has started the exercise of town planning schemes. The Dholera SIR's development plan was submitted to the Draft Town Planning Authority 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to GIDB.

Dholera SIR is completely divided in 15 zones in Dholera SIR which are like follows:

  • Industrial Zone
  • Knowledge & IT Zone
  • Public Facilities Zone
  • Solar Park
  • Residential Zone
  • High Access Corridor
  • Logistics
  • City Center
  • Strategic Infrastructure Zone
  • Agriculture Zone
  • Village Buffer
  • Tourism: Resorts
  • Recreation, Sports and Entertainment Zone
  • Green Space
  • Coastal Regulation Zone

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