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What Are the Benefits & Advantages of Invest in Dholera Sir

Dholera SIR is the biggest Greenfield Industrial City. It is planned & located around 100 km southwest of Ahmadabad Dholera Smart City has been developed in 920 Sq. Km, It covers 22 villages of the Dholera Taluka of Ahmadabad District.

The Development Plan, taking into account the DMIC objectives and goals, should focus on creating and enabling an environment to protect local industries, enhance investment climate, improve quality of life, upgrade human skills, create world-class infrastructure and attract global investment.

The expanse of Dholera SIR is bigger than a developed country like Singapore. Yes, it’s very much true and going to be one of the biggest things in India. Dholera will be the country’s first Greenfield smart city to get an IGBC rating.

As we all know, Dholera city is going to be the first Indian smart city, numerous Indian and multinational companies are focusing on this city now. In terms of infrastructure, transportation, modern amenities, and development, Dholera City is going to be truly luxurious.

World-renowned UK-based firm – HALCROW GROUP has planned the international design of the city which makes it an opportunity that every Real Estate investor should grab. So, if you too are planning to buy a plot or land in Dholera,

Investment In Land and Plots in Dholera:

Investors are finding huge potential for investment in land here, ever since the government of Gujarat designated Dholera SIR as the Special Investment Region. Supported by world-class infrastructure, Dholera SIR aims to be a global center of industrial excellence and economic activity.

1. Dholera SIR Development Status:

It enjoys a special status. After the SIR Act was passed in Gujarat, Dholera SIR was one of the first Greenfield Industrial Smart City Dholera SIR (Special Investment Region) in the state of Gujarat.

Large-scale development and an increase in land value in the area have happened here, obviously!!

So, it’s an extremely prudent choice to invest in Land in Dholera, as it is sure to yield great returns in future.


2. Great connectivity in Dholera Smart City:

Great connectivity for the young and career-oriented Indians, Dholera will have Dholera International Airport, a seaport metro train, and Ahmedabad Dholera Expressway.

3. World-class planning in Smart City Dholera:

It certainly stands out as far as planning is concerned. It has world-class planning indeed. It is designed and planned by the best experts in the world. Solutions will be provided by CISCO and IBM. In a nutshell, Dholera is the next big thing in India. It’s only wise to invest in land in Dholera.

4. Dholera SIR Investment Hub:

Dholera is expected to be a massive commercial hub. The area will be developed as a global manufacturing and commercial hub as it is the first smart city on Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

5. Create Jobs in Dholera:

Dholera will have innumerable job opportunities. A considerable number of jobs are likely to be created in this area, opening doors of opportunities for many, as Dholera is being developed as a global and Industrial Smart City.

Recently big News Update on Vedanta and Foxconn’s proposed semiconductor manufacturing facility in Gujarat, Modi stated that the facility will come up in Dholera.


Right Time To Invest in Dholera Greenfield Smart City.

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