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11 Years With Dholera Sir Dream of Narendra Modi

In 2009 Chief Minister Narendra Modi was knowing that Gujarat is business hub where businessmen started giving feedback of tough competition from china. To understand china model of development it started graduating from SEZ to Dholera SIR i.e Special Economic Zone to Special Investment Region and one such big success was Shenzhen near Hong Kong which has become hub for mobile and other such world competing industries in China.

In Indian context there was lot to be taken care of as we are a democracy and not ruled by communist like china. So it was necessary to find a land where there would be no resistance from local farmers and its location is in proximity to connected cities. In such context in Gujarat Dholera was a forgotten port city once bigger than Bombay or today’s Mumbai was having maximum government land with farmers land also given by government for farming after independence gradually over years moreover this land was barren because of salinity creating challenges in farming activities and only monsoon was suitable for farming with limited number of crops possible. This was also located in the midst of Gujarat south of Ahmedabad, North of Bhavnagar and West of Vadodara almost in the vicinity of 100 kilometers of this major cities of Gujarat.

Planning to execute Dholera SIR Project:-

Once the dream got into paper with draft planning in 2011, International Multinationals were enrolled to make it a Model Region for futuristic Gujarat it is worth mentioning narendra modi is known to dream big and surely dream very big on Dholera Smart City and 22 villages with 924 sq.kilometre area identified for Dholera SIR and International companies like Halcrow started designing the plans. Once the planning was approved by 2012 execution of challenge at such huge scale as there were multiple projects like

kalpasar dam for solving Gujarat water crisis forever and changing the profile of dholera land from saline to fertile (such experiments had been done in Norway and France successfully) wherein the gulf of Khambhat where Arabian entered only in high tide would be curtailed with dam and all river waters of Sabarmati, mahi, bhogavo etc will not go in Arabian sea and sea water would not enter the gulf area.

Connectivity:  with 10 lane expressway(first of its kind in india), Dholera Metro Rail from Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad-Dholera , LRTS-local road transit system, Broadgauge Rail Line from Bheemnath and Dholera International Airport Cargo and Passenger(permission of it was given inspite of it being in range of 100 kms of other airports showing the intent and push for this project)

Water treatment Plants: will surely create the better systems by processing water for its final usage. Moreover, 50 MLD Desalination Plant costing 276.75 crore with total construction cost 405.95 crore having total project cost 499.16 crore will make water drinkable for consumption. Drinking water produced by desalination plants is monitored and tested in the same way as water from filtration plant.

Electricity: with biggest solar park with Dholera Solar Park is a planned, large scale solar project in Dholera Special Investment Region, Gujarat. It is categorized as a Ultra Mega Solar Power Project, by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy of the Union Government of India. The capacity will be 100 GW by 2030                                  and torrent power stations Torrent Power Limited (TPL) is all set to power up Dholera Special Investment Region (DSIR) as Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission (GERC) has in-principally decided to grant a power distribution licence to the company to supply electricity to the DSIR. Apart from TPL, Adani Group and Tata Power Limited.

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Himanshu Sampat started investing in Dholera Land since 2010 when Shri Narendra Modi envisaged the Dream of a Greenfield Smart City Dholera. He has Land Bank of More than 1,75,00,000 square feet in Dholera Area. After being in dholera for last 11 years he is sharing his experience to all who need to know how this dream took shape and what lies in future

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